Nick Breeze: Can you define your work and what you mean by “natural capital”?

Partha Dasgupta: So by natural capital, I mean, roughly speaking, it’s assets that humans have not constructed. They construct themselves, so to speak. They reproduce in a natural way. Now of course, there are lots of if’s and buts in that, because we tamper with nature and so, therefore, we influence the processes just as the processes themselves influence us. What we can do, what we are, we influence them too. So we can tamper with the processes we have, for example, the climate processes, the circulation processes of the world have been influenced greatly by our discharge of carbon among other things. So we are tampering with the processes and that is what causes us to worry in case the processes work in a way that make our future more problematic.

Sir Partha Dasgupta Pt. 2 How do we put a price on nature?

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