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Miscellaneous Information:
Futurist and sustainable development consultant  

Bru Pearce has initiated and delivered development projects in Europe and the Caribbean. He is known as a dedicated environmentalist, strategic thinker and problem solver, who is highly knowledgeable about climate change. He is now applying his energy and talents to coming up with sustainable solutions for the 21st-century challenges and impacts that confront us.

Envisionation ltd grenada

Envisonation was first formed in Grenada in 2007 where Bru had initiated and delivered Port Louis, now one of the Caribbean’s leading super yacht marinas. Having observed and been impacted by climate change events Bru began developing strategies for adapting tourism based economies in small island states to the coming market and environmental impacts that are being driven by climate change. Solutions included conversion to long stay educational and health tourism and renewable energy implementation. 

envisionation in the UK

In 2011 Bru Pearce was introduced to Nick Breeze by James Lovelock and together Nick and Bru set up Envisonation in the UK. Recognizing that climate change would be the big driver of this millennium, they set out to acquire a detailed understanding of the likely holistic impacts, as they relate to; environmental degradation, economics, food production, water security, migration and political impacts, transportation and energy generation, fire, flood, drought, sea level rise, and potential solutions. 

Over the past five years Envisionation has become a trusted portal for communicating climate science and enjoys a strong set of relationships with leading thinkers, scientists and solution developers. 

Bru is currently working on a hypothesis for Global Environmental Restoration through re-growing lost biomass.

Personal Information

Education -  Mount House prep school Tavistock, Millfield School Street, Six form KCC Kingsbridge

Studied Landscape Architecture at Manchester University 

Full name Brian Richard Mayes Pearce British National 

Married toRomaine Pearce British and Guyanese Nationality  

ChildrenMax 14 and Tabitha 10  

Sports  Yacht racing, keen surfer & hasher