Nick Breeze and Bru Pearce set up the Envisionation blog as a place to present thoughts, ideas, interviews and responses to what is going on in the human world. The context for much of the content is on the developing crisis of climate change and our collective and individual response to it.  


The science is now overwhelmingly conclusive that the planet is heating up at a speed dangerous for humans. The evidence is equally conclusive in stating that this is being driven by human activities; the releasing of greenhouse (heat trapping) gases that are warming the surface of the planet. Bru Pearce and Nick Breeze have been speaking to, and working with, scientists who are researching many different aspects of measuring and responding to global warming. In many cases these meetings are translated into video interviews or written pieces that are shared here and on our social media channels.


Another important aspect of the environmental crisis is how humanity responds and how the media is handling critical information. Envisionation is actively engaged in communicating evidence backed science and dispelling the disinformation that obscures the social conversation on this topic. Over 97% of experts who publish work within the peere reviewed (evidence backed) scientific journals, are now making a clear case for why global warming represents an existential threat to our collective civilisation. The one major challenge facing our generation, right now, is the need to transition away from hydrocarbon energy sources (coal, oil and gas). Failure to achieve this in a short timeframe will mean the planet warms up, unstoppably, to unprecedented levels, in which civilisation can no longer function. Never has there been a greater need for global cooperation to solve the biggest crisis that we, as a species, have ever encountered.


We hope you find the content published on this site engaging and if you have any feedback or comments, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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Nick Breeze And Bru Pearce