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green culture Join us in Montenegro from 20th - 27th May 2018 for Green Culture Week. There will be daily events from yoga to kite surfing, as well as activities around in different locations to explore Montenegro.

Special event in conjunction with the Municipality of Podgorica: 24th May, Hilton Hotel, Podgorica, 3 pm:

Crown Prince Nikola PetrovicThe Hilton Hotel Session is honoured to have a keynote address given by the Crown Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš of Montenegro.

This will be followed by two high-level panels and Nick Breeze is pleased to be coordinating the panel on Climate Restoration.

The 1st panel will discuss: "Do we urgently need a global climate restoration agenda?"

Each panelist will give a short talk offering their perspective on the state of the climate system offering us new insights into how we think, talk about and interact with our environment. This will be followed by a session of discussion where the audience will also be invited to ask questions of the panel. 

The panel has been selected based on the diversity of perspective ranging from climate science to academia, hands-on ecology, as well as politics and business.


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Dr Jason Box
is a world-renowned climate scientist based at the Geological Survey of Greenland and Denmark. Known for authoring robust scientific studies relating to the changes that are taking place on Greenland, Box also has a reputation for speaking out on climate change. His work is showing that climate change has pushed the Greenland ice sheet beyond its threshold of survival that could lead to over 7metres of global sea level rise. Box has made media appearances in the 2012 'Chasing Ice' documentary and more recently in Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Before The Flood'.

Baroness Bryony Worthington is one of the UK's leading politicians who consistently speaks out on the need for more climate action. In 2008 Bryony was one of the key authors of the UK's Climate Change Act that was written into British Law. The Climate Change Act was a world-leading piece of legislation that set goals for decarbonisation that even now is more ambitious than the Paris Agreement. As a member of the British House of Lords, Baroness Worthington undertakes to defend the legislation as part of the UK's commitment to action on climate change. Bryony has described herself as a cautious techno-optimist, as well as a climate campaigner. She is currently the executive director of the Environmental Defence Fund and very active in pursuing solutions to the climate crisis.

Dr Hugh Hunt is a reader of Engineering Dynamics and Vibration at the University of Cambridge, and a passionate speaker on the need to take action against the worsening impacts of climate change. Dr Hunt is also an award-winning broadcaster and founding chair of the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series.

Hunt has spoken at the last three UNFCCC COP meetings, calling for a closer scrutiny of the numbers used when talking about the science of climate change and that we must not leave any option off the table if we are to avoid a catastrophic loss of life.

The speakers will be staying with us at Ada Bojana resort until Sunday 27th where further discussion can take place. 

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The second panel organised by Green Culture:  "Our Future", a panel discussion with:

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Fiona McCluney - Head of UN Montenegro
Prof. Dr. Chris Rapley - University College London
Alina Averchenkova - London School of Economics

There is also a full programme of events taking place throughout the week, including a day of talks on different subjects related to the environment. There will also be organised music and activities as far reaching as kite surfing and yoga.

Attending Green Culture Week - Booking and prices:

If you would like to attend Green Culture Week 2018 then you will need to book your tickets through EventBrite. There are three options:

For the whole week 21th - 27th May - £650 per person  (includes ocean-side accommodation and breakfast + dinner)

1st half of the week from 21-24th May - £450 per person (includes ocean-side accommodation and breakfast and dinner)

2nd half of week from 24-27th - £450 per person (includes ocean-side accommodation and breakfast and dinner)

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To see the programme for Green Culture Week visit: GREEN CULTURE 7 programme

There are countless activities planned all week for people of all ages. Live music, cultural & spiritual activities, discourse and, of course, pleasure.

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