Saving whales: a cause worth fighting war

sea shepherd saving humpback whalesIn the 20th century humans slaughtered 1.5 million whales. It's time now to end the whale hunt and The War Against Nature, writes Reese Halter.
Four Japanese whaling boats have once again set sail for the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. And four Sea Shepherd Conservation Society boats with 120 crew representing 26 nations are waiting to intercept and stop them.

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Gratitude for Environmental Wins in 2012

This year (2012) more than ever I am encouraged by all the positive emails that I've received from around the globe - thank you. I firmly believe that our species has begun to reunite economics and ecology for a sustainable future.

Here are just a few examples of environmental triumphs that we can all celebrate from 2012:

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There's more to bees than honey

honey-bees-thumbFrom the Duchess of Cambridge's anti-ageing facials to breakthroughs in nanotechnology, the contribution of the humble bee to society extends far beyond honey, writes Reese Halter.

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Wine & Climate Change: Grapes Marching North Under Pressure

by Nick Breeze


Wine climate changeIt has been an interesting year for farmers of all kinds the world over.  It is widely reported that the loss of ice in the Arctic is disrupting the gulf stream causing it to stick in oscillating patterns that deliver extreme weather conditions in much of the Northern Hemisphere when we least expect them. In other words: climate change.


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Scientists call for war on climate change, but who on earth is listening?

by David Spratt

When it's too late for half measures, the only option is to be really honest.  And that's what a number of brave climate scientists have just done.

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Dying forests are the latest victims of climate change

By Reese Halter

Dying Amazon Forest

Earth's forests are breathtaking. In fact, trees are effectively the greatest carbon dioxide warehouses to have ever evolved on Earth. For every metric ton of wood created, 1.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide are absorbed and 1 metric ton of oxygen released.

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Autumn’s song shouldn’t include the leaf blower



leaf blower climate change environmentFall is a splendid time to celebrate trees. The sounds of leaves crunching underfoot or rustling along the footpath and earthy smells are reminiscent of childhood leaf forts.


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Climate Disruption: New Delhi's Trees Need A Helping Hand

DR Reese HalterThere are over 250 species of trees spread liberally throughout 579 square miles of metropolitan New Delhi and its breathtaking Delhi ridge or Lungs of Delhi. Soon the total number of trees will be revealed from a 2012 census. The magnificent hundred year old plus neems, vilaiti keekars, amaltas, jamuns, semuls, siris, ashoks, gulmohars and many others make the city attractive and more livable.

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Moose: Size Matters

by Dr Reese Halter

Weighing nearly one ton, moose are the second-largest land animal in the West exceeded only by the North American bison. They are remarkable creatures whose exquisite human-like features make them part forester and part poker player.

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More posts by Nick Breeze

The jet stream is responsible for what kind of weather we experience and it’s behaviour is changing. Dr Jennifer Francis, a research professor at Rutgers University's Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, explains how a combination of factors are going to drastically impact agricultural systems in Europe and Eurasia.

It is easy to look at the fires in southern Europe and think that “global warming” is a regional problem often on someone else doorstep. This misconception could not be further from the truth because the “global” bit refers only to global mean temperature. As scientists start to look at what is happening around the world, it becomes very clear that the interconnected global system is changing for all.


Dr. Saleemul Huq Director International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) at the Independent University, Bangladesh. In this short interview Dr Huq talks about his work and explains how those most vulnerable to the effects of manmade climate change are seeking recompense from the worlds greatest polluters.   


In 2014 Marks & Spencer became the only retailer in the world with carbon neutral operations. This huge undertaking across over 1400 stores has been rewarded with international recognition by the UNFCC winning Momentumn For Change award for carbon neutrality. 


UK based Carbon Tracker Initiative has played a key role showing big businesses, including fossil fuel companies, a route out of the business as usual high CO2 emitting path that is driving humanity towards catastrophe. Anthony Hobley has been at COP23 telling delegates “we are in a technology driven low carbon energy transition” and changing course “just makes financial sense”. NICK BREEZE catches up with him.

Nick Breeze: We are 2yrs on from Paris. Are we making any progress at the COP?


Earlier this week Environment Minister Michael Gove stated that he was convinced “climate change is a danger”, stating that it “is one of the biggest threats and challenges to biodiversity in the UK”.

By localising the issue to the UK, Gove seeks to belittle the global risk posed by climate change. This week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief science adviser and founding director of the Potsdam Institute, Professor Schellnhuber was in London speaking at the Royal Society. When I asked him to respond to the Environment Minister’s comments he replied:  

In part 1 of this wide ranging interview, Anton Golub discusses why the world needs Lykke, the truth about financial regulators and why only 1% Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) they assess make it onto the exchange.

Anton Golub: The core vision of Lykke is the vision of Richard Olsen, the founder of Lykke. I am a cofounder. I met him seven years ago when I joined him for an internship.

I sat down to eat my croissant and he sat down next to me and said: “Anton, we have to completely  change the financial system. It totally doesn’t work. Everything is broken inside.”